Meet Angel

We would like to introduce you to our team. This time Angel Molina, Junior SOC Analyst at Defenced.

Wie is Angel?

I am Angel Molina a 22-year-old student specializing in Cybersecurity within ICT & Infrastructure. I was born In Granada, Spain.

Why did you choose Defenced?

Defenced has a working environment where everyone maintains a positive attitude, making work easier and efficient. The product they provide intrigue me and helps my professional growth in the IT sector. My colleagues, who are skilled cybersecurity professionals, are always willing to help with any challenges I encounter and that makes me feel more comfortable with my thoughts and work. I’ve discovered a supportive and motivating workplace, which inspires me to continue working in cybersecurity for many years.

How are you doing now?

Right now, I’m doing an internship while also working part-time. Every day, I try to learn from my colleagues, and it makes me happy to see my knowledge improves. I’m getting more comfortable dealing with real-world cybersecurity problems at Defenced. They give me the time and resources I need to work on my internship. I hope to continue working there full-time after I graduate in July and bring my enthusiasm to the team.

What do you do besides Defenced?

Aside from Defenced, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family. Besides spending time with my friends and family, I also like to play different kind of sports. I am a football fan, so I enjoy watching football matches. Moreover, my passion for IT drives me to continually explore and learn about diverse facets of the field.

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