Meet Manpreet

We would like to introduce you to our team. This time Manpreet Singh, Teamlead SOC at Defenced.

Wie is Manpreet?

I am a Punjabi guy, who is having interesting adventures in The Netherlands. I’ve lived in the Netherlands for eight years, advancing my career and developing a strong interest in cybersecurity.

Why did you choose Defenced?

My work has a big impact on today’s technology-driven world. That’s why I decided to join Defenced. Each customer we serve plays a crucial role in different sectors like manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, etc. Ensuring that our customers can run their businesses without cybersecurity worries is incredibly satisfying, and that’s what I achieve at Defenced.

How are you doing now?

Working at Defenced is truly exciting, as we’re constantly engaged in assisting our customers due to the continuous challenges posed by attackers. Dull moments are a rarity here.

What do you do besides Defenced?

I enjoy cooking, exploring Dutch museums and practicing meditation.

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